Saturday, March 24, 2007

Passover, already? Oh my...

Where is the time going? It’s already almost Passover (and for our non Jewish friends, lovers, etc, almost Easter). I will bring you a few unique Passover recipes in the next few days, which may be something new you can add to your seder table.

I am going to actually get out of cooking this year and attend seders prepared by friends and great organizations. I love the cooking, but always appreciate a break.

Two seders of note, which I will be in attendance. If you will be in the NYC area, they just may interest you as well:

The Kinky Jews Second Annual Kinky Seder

A Seder like you've never experienced before. While maintaining key elements of tradition, celebrate Passover with Kinky Jews, as we have a humor and hedonism infused chocolate themed Seder with four cups of chocolate milk, chocolate covered matzah, Hillel S'mores, and more. Have a wild time with the search for chametz kit (candle, feather and wooden spoon), Passover erotica, maggid show and tell, re-enactments slavery and redemption, floggings a-plenty, new friends and fun! Play space is available for use after the afikomen is found.

The Red Tent Women’s Project Interfaith Seder
Join us for our second annual Interfaith Women's Passover Seder! It's potluck, so bring something yummy with you! For more information, contact:

Check out their sites and if you do go to either one of the events, please come up and say hi! Nothing like coming creating community to eat, drink, and be merry!


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