Thursday, October 23, 2008


Tuesday night I had the pure pleasure of going to an exclusive event for
Electrolux (, the premium kitchen brand that
has been used in Europe for 70 years plus.

If Electrolux does not ring a bell, think Kelly Ripa commercials. Ah ha moment!

Chef Brad Steelman from River Cafe was in the house cooking up goodies for
us food bloggers to show why the appliances are a must have. I was highly
impressed! I always get giddy when I see fabulous kitchen equipment, but
this exceeded my expectations. Not only is the design of the Electrolux hot
( no pun intended), but talk about easy to use. Even a newbie to the
kitchen would be able to find their way around since it can be as easy as
touching a button. No more excuses about how you burned this or that.

I found out that Electrolux is going to be K certified, oh yes, K certified.That's kosher soul baby. As soon as the K hits Electrolux, I will be sure
to let you know.

Check out their website for the virtual kitchen.

Nosh on,

*photo is me & Nichelle Stephens from Çupcakes Take the Cake

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