Wednesday, November 29, 2006

In the beginning...

Being a Triple Minority (African- American Jewish woman), food plays an important role in my life! While growing up in the Houston, Texas, I was raised on southern and soul food. My mother would get in the kitchen and work magic. From her fried chicken and black eyed peas, to her chocolate cake. As we say in the south “she put her foot in it".

On the flip side, my relationship with kosher food has always been one of love/hate. Every once in awhile, I would have great kosher food vowing that I was going to make an attempt to eat kosher whenever I could. That vow would be broken when I found myself running for a nice juicy cheeseburger whenever I could.
I started thinking about my identity food clash and thought my solution would be to start dabbling in making kosher soul food. It would be a great way to combine my Jewish and black identity. It is subject that I thought might interest other people, so I have begun research on a cookbook idea that I want to work on with my mother.

Then I had an "aha" moment when I realized that kosher soul food does not have to be just the “typical” definition of soul food. Kosher soul food can be much more! Jews have a rich history since we come from places such as Morocco, Yemen, Ethiopia, Italy, Mexico; the list goes on and on. This blog will rant and rave about kosher food with chutzpah. I want to help make kosher food more tantalizing, seductive, and down right FUN!

If you have a love/hate relationship with kosher food, if you love kosher food, if you have thought about going kosher, if you are a Jew in generation X & Y that you would rather starve than eat kosher or if you are simply interested in kosher food, this blog is for YOU. Welcome to a delicious journey!


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