Thursday, December 21, 2006

Latkes, Chocolate, and Sparkling Wine, oh my!

I was on the go last night when I hit a Chanukah Bordello party, then was off to a champagne and chocolate tasting at Bacchus in Manhattan.

I had heard that Sandi Dubowski knows how to throw a soiree with style, so I was expecting a good 'ole time. The other hosts for the evening were Nancy Schwartzman(shown in pix above), Amichai Lau Lavie, and Matt Wolf.

I brought nutella and mini croissants which are a nice treat for any gathering. This treat can stand alone as a dessert or goes well with other mini desserts.

The theme for the soiree was latkes and bubbly. There was a lot of prosecco in the house. Prosecco and latkes are a delightful match. The rich body of the sparkling wine brings out the flavor ofthe potato making for a savory pairing. At one point, Sandi ran out of the kitchen to take a survey for the type of latke he should make next. Now that is some good entertaining!

There was a woman at the soiree that looked familiar, I couldn't figure out how I knew her. I caught a glance of her on my way out the door and before I knew what I was doing I yelled, *"Lisa Kron". It was indeed her, she came over to say hello and goodbye. It was a groovy way to leave an event, off to the tasting..

The tasting at Bacchus on Broadway and 72nd Street was absolutely horrible. It turned me off so much that I don't even want to go back into store to buy wine. I could go on and on about how horrible it was, but I won’t.

The only breathe of fresh air at the tasting was meeting, Lynne Bernstein, the founder of cellar tees. She was way cool and her shirts are FUN. I will be ordering one for myself! (

At the end of the night I grabbed a bag for my champagne flute, wished I had stayed at the Chanukah soiree, and then took myself home.

Food and entertaining...I live for this!

Peace, love, & soul,

Kosher Soul Gourmet

(*Lisa Kron is a performer/writer of solo shows. She wrote 2.5 Minute Ride and Well)
Photos courtesy of Karma Hallmark was was with me on my adventures.

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