Sunday, July 1, 2007

The KSG Blogzine

It is a groovy Sunday in NYC, my kind of day...

So, I am putting the blogzine concept on hold for now. My ultimate goal is to create a hot, hip, and sexy online kosher magazine called "Kosher Soul Gourmet" that goes along with the book I am working on. Since I do not have the funds I need, I was going to do a blogzine. I now want to stick to my gut and get the funding to create the vision that I have. Holla!

I don't want to do something that becomes yet another LAME attempt to create something new and fresh in the Jewish community!!! If you know of any organizations/people/funders I should speak about this project, please drop me a line (I am fiscally sponsored for this). I may just have to do some yummy food fundraiser events..hmmm...

I will just simply do some of the things that I want to do with the magazine on this blog, so expect a few changes. I thank you all so much for reading!! I have been getting the best comments and emails. People are recognizing me in the streets as the "kosher soul" lady. Lovin' it! : P

I will be launching an online radio show this month called "Luscious Living" that will be about kosher food, fashion, lifestyle, politics, etc. It will be hot. More information is on the way!

Nosh on,
"Luscious Lifestyle Diva"

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