Monday, August 6, 2007

What's Goin' On

Where oh where did the summer go? It's almost over..oy vey!

I am excited to say that I have an editor for the book that I am writing "Kosher Soul Gourmet", now I just have to finish. The book is moving along...

Since I have been started the cooking demos in Harlem, I have been getting rave reviews on the salads that I have been making during the demos. The kids that try samples are loving the salads and if I can please kids I must be on to something! I am going to put all of my soul filled salad recipes from the summer into the KSG book (though I will post a salad recipe every once in awhile) and the rest of the recipes will be put into a free e-book just for you. The recipes are so easy and delicious, trust...

If you will be in Harlem on Saturday, stop by the Grassroot Farmer's Market (on 145th and Edgecomb). I think that I will be making quesadillas with tortillas made from Hot Bread Kitchen this week. FYI: Hot Bread Kitchen is more than a bakery. It's a business that enhances the future for immigrant women and preserves baking traditions. ( The bakery also sells their luscious breads at the market each week.

Peace,love, and soul,
"Luscious Lifestyle Diva"

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