Tuesday, May 27, 2008


When I was at the last Cupcake Social soiree, I found about about a yummy website called Bakespace.com. Some call it the Myspace for bakers and cooks..I call it a great idea.

BakeSpace.com was created by media producer (and avid baker) Babette Pepaj to help make the search a fun, rewarding and inherently social experience. BakeSpace combines the functionality of a traditional online recipe database, utility of an online food forum/blog and the fun of an online social network with a unique "recipe swap" platform.

If you are into social networking and love food this is for you and if you are not into social networking and love food this is still for you. It's a fab way to share recipes or build up your recipe collection.I just may set up a kosher soul dessert profile.

Nosh on,

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