Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Kosher Soul on ThisNext.com

Hey Kosher Soul foodies,

Have you been checking out my Kosher Soul Food list on ThisNext.com? Well..have you.? It's a list where I list yummy kosher food that is packed with soul.

I recently added the delicious Rachel's yogurt. A yogurt that has been around for about a year that is changing the way you think about yogurt flavors. Also, added the yummy cottage cheese by Rachel's. If you are like me, you are thinking that cottage cheese isn't kosher soul at all, but trust once you delve into Rachel's cottage cheese flavors you shall change your mind. YUM-O!

I also recommend fabulous kitchen equipment like the Capresso Glass electric kettle. It is quite a kettle, so lovely compared to the boring kettles that are on the market. I love this kettle and use it to make tea all the time!

The list is on the left of the blog, but you can go to ThisNext.com/Shoshi.
Let me know what you think.

Nosh on,

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