Saturday, April 21, 2007

Briskets and Baked Latkes

Oh yes, tomorrow is The New Shul's Battle of the Briskets at The Cowgirl. I am taking a side dish of baked latkes ( to the left, to the left..) in my fancy Martha Stewart Tupperware. It is a new recipe that I am trying out, I think they turned out delicious.. but I will see how fast they go or don't go tomorrow. I want to include the recipe in my book, they have real kick to them due to the seasoning and are a nice change from the typical latke.

I will also be taking a bunch of sweetriot ( with me tomorrow to give out at the event. I have become a rioter or something like a community spokesperson for the candy. If you haven't tried Sweetriot....definitely check it out. It is such a luscious nosh! The dark chocolate ones are my favorite, but trust it's all good.
I'll be doing my podcast, Kosher with Soul from the battle tomorrow so be sure to take a listen.

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