Friday, April 20, 2007

When I wear my Rabbi's Daughter's "Yenta" t-shirt ( and wear my Star of David at the same time, I do get a bit of attention. So, I wasn't surprised when after a man asked me for directions he asked me about my shirt and star. I told him I was Jewish and he was delighted. Then we got into me being a kosher intercultural chef, etc and he got even more excited. Right before we parted he looked at me and said " I wouldn't have picked you" and he laughed. How dare he!?!? People think they are so cute with their " funny you don't look Jewish" comments. If I had a dollar for all the times someone said something so not kosher to me I would be living next door to Oprah.

It's all response is showing Jewish diversity through food. I am developing a course that fuses Jewish history/food/recipes. It can not be denied.. Jews come from everywhere and have ALWAYS been a multiracial and multicultural people.

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